liz dorkings liz dorkings Teenagers These guys are using the 2by4 that is holding their feeder instead of using their proper roost . I had to take this down to get them to use their roost. 72234979 Brownies come to Visit The Brownies (Girls Club) came for a chicken tour at my acreage. My hens are always good for cuddling 87548828 Corn on the Cob 87549900 Duck Foot Notice how the fourth toe is coming forward and also the webbing between fourth and fifth toe is a fault . This hen is not used for breeding. 118116230 Radio Mascot Loves Dorks This was during a heritage breed display at Family expo in my city. My rooster hasn't been the same since ! 133239060 Canadian Heritage Breeds Seminar One of my pullets at CHB poultry grooming seminar. We also had a bird critique. Members went away with tons of show info. No Dorks were eaten!! 134680306 Split Wing This is a D.Q. 136193974 Normal Wing 136193975 Bath Time I think this roo has been bath too many times! 139379778 Shopping This is one of my Roosters that was on display for Canadian Heritage Breeds. We were at Peavey Mart for customer appreciation. 155115174 Cockerels A few of the boys I am growing out. We will see how much longer til they start fighting! 180368593 Pullets 2013 Some of the girls I am growing out 180368870 Breeding Cock My oldest cock from Randy Spence 180369187 "Hope you have some treats!" 180369212