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Louisburg, NC
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Have been raising American Dominiques for close to 20 yrs.  Just getting started in with the Dorking breed.  My interest is in breed preservation with an eye toward productivity and hardiness.  Currently working with SC Red Dorkings.

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Reply dalalune
9:33 AM on January 26, 2012 
Hi Chris:

For some reason, I lost the link to your last reply. I would love to see your Dorkings. It might be a couple weeks before I can make the trip out that way. Were you planning on keeping you spare roos a while longer? What would you ask for him, if you do not wish to swap for hatching eggs?

You also mentioned something about mites. Are you talking about actual mites or could they be lice? Lice will stay on the bird and lay eggs on the feathers. Mites usually do not stay on the bird (except for chiggers) and they usually lay their eggs off the bird. A long time ago, I had some issue with lice but after I switched all my birds over to chicken tractors, I have had no issues with them. As far as I know, mites have not been a problem around here, but I know they can be a huge issue in some parts of the state.

Will you be hatching any of your own chicks this season? I do not blame your reluctance to introduce any bad temperament into tour flock. Any eggs or chicks I may produce this season will go with a BIG warning about their parental background. Some folks are not as concerned about temperament as I am, although I think with this breed (based on what I have read about them) it is important. You mentioned that you are using Sussex crossings to build your flock, do you also raise the Sussex breed? What other breeds do you keep? I need to figure out my schedule for Feb. Will contact you when I know more...

Julie G.
Reply CRoessler
9:07 AM on January 15, 2012 
Hey Julie- My cockerels were hatched 5/1/11 so they should be good to breed. I'll send you photos of the one I would part with. I noticed yesterday his 5th toes (ones that point backwards) are really chunky - doesn't look right to me. I'll try to send a photo of him this week.

So you think your top two males are also really aggressive (with people)? I like Charles but would prefer eggs from red females.

Anyway, good to find a fellow breeder nearby. Cheers, Chris
Reply dalalune
9:59 PM on January 14, 2012 
Thanks Chris!

My email is dalalune . If I can get at least one docile roo, I will cull Dennis(the Menice) unless you want a trade, LOL! Actually, if you can use some eggs, I have been collecting from my all Red flock but I will not have my 'bator running until late Feb. the way things are looking now. :0( I would love for these eggs to go to someone who is serious about raising Dorkings. You can email your pics to the addy above. I will try to get updated pics posted this weekend of all Red flock (Albert) and the Red roo (Charles) X Colored hens flock.

Julie Gupton
Louisburg, NC
Dans La Lune
Reply CRoessler
8:38 PM on January 14, 2012 
Hey there (what is your name?)- So my silver gray male from MM was very aggressive and that's why I bailed on that color. Hillcrest told me their males were docile and they were right. I culled their male but offspring have been mellow. Roger Tice indicated his males fought amongst each other but they're fine with people. I have a 17-month old boy that is out with me all the time and he's never been even slightly harassed. So, I'd say I know mean birds but I don't have them now. I took some photos this afternoon and can send you some. Cheers, Chris

You wrote:

Don't want to bash Sand Hill's stock, but "excellent" would not be how I would describe the birds that came from them. My biggest issue right now is the temperament of these birds. They are not at all like I had read in so many reviews and articles on Dorkings. They really act more like Leghorns, which is what I am afraid they may have been crossed with at some point in the background. These guys are fierce! Males and females! I cannot allow them to free range because the males are so aggressive. The smallest roo (3rd string) looks more like a Leghorn than a Dorking. Small, upright posture, long legs and mean as a snake! At least the other two are a bit more like the standard. I have pics posted on the Dorking site in an album called Dans La Lune. The pics are not great but I have at least one of each Red roo posted. But their color is gorgeous and I really want to tough it out with these guys. What are the temperaments like with your cockerels? If they are manageable, I would love to get one to work with this season (if it is old enough).
Reply CRoessler
8:47 AM on January 14, 2012 
I have four cockerels now and I would part with one or maybe two of them. They're all pretty decent, I think. Pure red, as far as I can tell (I'm 99% sure of that).

I will set up two breeding groups in March and one will be pure red. I'll leave any with sussex in a separate pen.

So the Sand Hill reds aren't great? They seem pretty proud of them on their website. I am interested in an egg swap. You're welcome to come by and check out my birds. I'm at 5518 Turkey Farm Rd, Durham, 27705 (Orange County).

We could also swap some photos over email. My address is [email protected]
- Chris

You wrote:
This is very exciting to learn! I understand that the Sussex may actually be a descendent of the Dorking. That kind of cross would seem to make sense, although I was hoping to get stock that was as close to pure breed as possible. However, even the ALBC has guidelines for out-crossing to other breeds when the gene pool gets so thin in an endangered breed. Do you have any adult Red Dorkings available now (especially a roo) or do you anticipate having any chicks this spring? Maybe we could work out a swap of hatching eggs (although you may want to look at the Reds I have as breeders before deciding if they would benefit your flock our not). My stock is out of Sand Hill Preservation in Iowa. This line needs some serious work and I would love to start out with blood from several breeders to get started on this project.
Reply CRoessler
6:55 AM on January 14, 2012 
Sure do. I'm basically working from a red dorking male from Hillcrest in GA, a red dorking female from Superior in OK, and a cross between a speckled sussex and a silver gray dorking from MM, and then from 8-9 hatched red dorkings from Roger Tice in OK. I can tell which have sussex and I'll only use the most recent version in my breeding (up to 75% dorking now), if they're on the right track (5 toes, good size). What are you working with? - Chris