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US Dorking Standard & Colors

General Characteristics

Male: Carriage: Quiet and stately, with breast well forward.

Type: Body massive, long and deep, rectangular in shape when viewed sideways, and tightly feathered. Back broad and moderately long with full saddle inclined downward to the tail. Breast deep and well rounded with a long keel bone. Wings large and well tucked up. Tail full and sweeping carried well out with abundant side hangers and broad well-curved sickles.

Head: Large and broad. Beak stout, well proportioned and slightly curved. Eyes full. Comb single or rose. The single comb is upright, moderately large, broad at the base, evenly serrated, free from side sprigs. The rose is moderately broad and square fronted, narrowing behind to a distinct and slightly upturned leader, the top covered with small points of even height. Face smooth. Earlobes moderately developed and hanging about one third the depth of the waddle, which are large and long.

Neck: Rather short, covered with abundant hackle feathers falling well over the back, making it appear extremely broad at the base, and tapering rapidly toward the head.

Legs and Feet: Legs short and strong. Thighs large and well developed but almost hidden by the body feathering. Shanks short, moderately stout and round, free from feathers, the spurs set on the inner side pointing inwards. Toes, five, large round and hard, the front toes (three) long and straight and well spread, the hind toe and the extra toe well formed and separated; the extra toe placed above and pointing upwards.

Female: The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences, except that the tail is carried rather closely. The single comb falls over one side of the face.

Please see tabs below for specific color descriptions of the APA accepted varieties.


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